general medicine services  Plantation, FL
Here at Broward Community Medical Center, we are proud to offer a full spectrum of services to our patients to treat a variety of conditions. Our highly trained professionals have years of experience in diagnosing and treating these conditions, and we are happy to help find a solution to best suit your individual needs.

We strive to create individualized treatment plans for each of our patients as each person has a unique history and unique needs. Some of our services include:

Cardiovascular Health services  Plantation, FL

Cardiovascular Health

One of your most vital vital-organs is your heart. Without it, the oxygen brought in by your lungs would not be carried to other organs, like your brain. Your body would have a challenging time fighting off infections and viruses because your blood is also responsible for delivering white blood cells where they are needed. Under our compassionate and thorough care, you can rest easy knowing we take every step we can to help you stay as healthy as possible. If you would like to improve your cardiovascular health, call our office at (954) 747-7373 or book an appointment online.

What Is Cardiovascular Health?
Cardiovascular health is the health of your heart and blood vessels. The prefix, cardio-, refers to the heart, while -vascular refers to the blood vessels. Together, these two make up your circulatory system, which is responsible for pumping and moving blood and oxygen throughout your entire body.

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Primary Care services  Plantation, FL

Primary Care

What is primary care?
Primary care is a go-to medical home for every patient. Our practice serves a wide range of health problems from injuries and illness to chronic health conditions that may require ongoing management.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Well visits and physicals
  • Treatment of acute injuries and illnesses
  • Managing chronic illness or conditions
  • Nutritional guidance and weight loss care
  • Prevention screenings and examinations
  • Immunizations
Some conditions we commonly treat include:

  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Chronic pain
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Eczema
  • Immune system disorders
  • Opioid addiction treatment

When do I need primary care services?
Even when you’re in good health, you may still need to come into our office for annual physicals. Physicals are essential to ensuring your body is functioning properly and to monitor any potential changes that may be early signs of a health concern.

In addition to physicals, we also offer regular women’s and men’s preventative health screenings and exams. Preventive care is important to keeping you healthy and lowering your risk for potential infections and diseases.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 600,000 people in the United States die from heart disease each year, making it the leading cause of death for both men and women. Noting this, medical professionals often suggest that their aging patients or at-risk patients take an electrocardiogram, or EKG, test to check for signs of heart disease.

EKG tests are non-invasive, painless, safe and fast, and they help our doctors check things like heart rhythm and blood flow as well as diagnose previous heart attacks or anything else that seems abnormal. In the best case scenario, the EKG test confirms good heart health. However, if we see something abnormal, we will likely send you for further testing to get an idea of how to best treat or manage the issue.

How does an EKG test work?

The standard EKG test consists of a doctor attaching 10 or more electrodes in the areas of your chest, arms, and legs – the key places where major arteries exist. You’ll then likely start by lying flat while a computer records your heart rhythm. Aside from this “resting” EKG, your doctor may also have you exercise to get an idea of how your heart works under activity. This typically consists of a doctor monitoring your heart as you jog on a treadmill. In most cases, the EKG test lasts less than 20 minutes and quickly helps give the doctor a better understanding of your heart health.

Eating right and getting plenty of exercises is crucial to maintaining good heart health, but EKG tests are an ideal way to either verify heart health or address small issues before they become big ones. It’s why they’re often a part of a physical exam for aging men and women. For more information on EKG tests, contact our medical center today.

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At Broward Community Medical Center, we are proud to offer ultrasound testing to our patients. Ultrasound is a medical procedure that uses sound waves to obtain a medical image of various organs and tissues within the body. It is a safe, painless, and effective diagnostic procedure. The information provided by ultrasound is beneficial for allowing physicians to see within the body and examine internal motions such as heartbeat and blood flow.

The length of an exam will vary depending on the information requested by your doctor; however, the average appointment takes between 30-60 minutes. During the appointment, you will be asked to lay on an examination table and a gel will be applied to the area being examined. The sonographer, a technician who specializes in ultrasound, will use a small device to move over the area being examined. These images are then viewed on a television monitor and are often taped or photographed for further examination. After the exam, these results will be discussed with your doctor to then aid in making a proper diagnosis.

For more information on our ultrasound services or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today at (954) 747-7373.

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Stress Test

At Broward Community Medical Center, we are proud to provide stress testing services to our patients. Stress testing is important to knowing how well the heart is functioning. This test is most frequently performed on a treadmill using an EKG machine to monitor your heart performance when you are active.

Prior to your appointment, you should get a good night’s rest and be sure to avoid caffeine and other stimulants before your test. We ask that you wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing to your appointment, as well as comfortable tennis shoes.

Be sure to consult with your doctor prior to making your appointment to discuss your medications, as some may need to be temporarily discontinued in order to achieve accurate test results.

For more information about stress testing or to schedule an appointment, contact us today at (954) 747-7373.

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Lab Work  Plantation, FL

Lab Work

We are proud to offer laboratory services with on-site testing using state-of-the-art technology so that you and your doctor can get your results as quickly as possible.

We can offer not only simple diagnostic tests but more complex ones, too. Once you’ve been diagnosed, we can start treatment so you can begin to feel better sooner. We can have certain test results in just a few minutes instead of having to wait to get the results from another laboratory.

The sooner we find out the results, the sooner we can begin treatment, and this can make a huge difference.

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Echocardiogram  Plantation, FL


Here at Broward Community Medical Center, we are proud to offer echocardiogram, also known as “echo”, services to our patients. During this test, we will monitor the heart’s movement and overall functionality using ultrasound technology to capture pictures of the heart’s chambers and valves. We will often utilize Doppler ultrasound and color Doppler to observe and evaluate blood flow.

Patients may need an echocardiogram for a variety of reasons such as detecting heart disease, evaluating the effectiveness of treatment, and to monitor changes in heart function and disease progression over time. No special preparation is needed for this test and there is no downtime following your appointment.

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Weight Loss

Let Broward Community Medical Center get you started on becoming healthy and happy. We would be delighted to be a part of your weight loss journey.

Our staff knows that you have to treat the whole person to achieve healthy weight loss. Obesity is not a flaw; it’s a disease! Obesity occurs when the body’s basic signals fail to tell you when you are full and should stop eating. We can help you correct this and get you on a path to health and wellness.

We believe that the key to successful weight loss is making the right changes to your physical activity and eating habits that you can use throughout your life. Fad diets don’t work; we work with you to build a lifestyle.

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