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Judges and prosecutors often require some ex-criminal offenders to stay in a halfway house instead of prison time to help them reintegrate into society. Generally, both houses cater to people with substance use or mental problems that have improved. However, halfway houses cater more to ex-convicts, while sober living homes are perfect for drug or alcohol addicts. Halfway houses are a transitional point between an institution or facility and everyday community life. People may transition to a halfway house after serving a prison sentence or completing an inpatient rehab program. Sometimes, a person may be court-ordered to stay in a halfway house for a specified time.

halfway house vs sober house

The state operated houses may also be referred to as Transitional Centers, Community Recovery Centers, or Reentry Centers. As a result, those who have previously achieved some level of sobriety are more likely to succeed in a halfway home than those who are just starting out in recovery. You can live at a halfway home if you’re freshly sober, have gone through detox, are willing to stay sober, and can commit to following the house rules. For individuals struggling with addiction to alcohol and drugs, Harris House helps people achieve sobriety and become healthy and productive individuals.

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Both halfway house and sober living communities act as secondary recovery methods for those suffering from alcohol and substance use disorders. These facilities provide a follow-up for inpatient and outpatient programs. While both living options offer a stepping stone of reintegration into society, halfway houses and sober living communities take different approaches. Learning to recognize the differences between them will help you realize which is best for you to achieve a comfortable and successful recovery. A halfway house also called a “sober living house” in some states, is a transitional housing facility for drug and alcohol addicts.

One major benefit of staying in a sober living home is that it too helps its residents gain the skills and resources that they need to be able to maintain sobriety long-term. For example, it’s very common for sober living homes to offer their residents assistance with applying to and interviewing for jobs. Some sober living homes even offer their residents transportation services to commute them to and from their job interviews. Sober living houses, like halfway houses, maintain a strict abstinence policy which may be enforced with drug testing.

The Benefits of Sober Living in Recovery

For in those early days of recovery, this safety net can be a real comfort. No matter what your situation is, if you’re reading this article, you may be considering sober living. Let’s take a look at the different sober housing options available. Sober living is the general term given to places of residence that have been designated as recovery housing. These places support the sober lifestyle and are occupied only by people who are drug and alcohol-free.

  • Besides, sober living homes do not have the facilities to manage detox and withdrawal symptoms safely.
  • They also may not require that housemates be enrolled in treatment plans while living there.
  • Patients receive psychological, psychiatric, and social support in sober living homes.
  • At Footprints to Recovery, over 70% of our patients choose to stay in sober living while receiving treatment or after completing treatment with us.

Just ask around the rooms of 12-step meetings and you will soon learn of someone who owns a sober house. If you want to maintain independence, but stay in the comfort of mid to upscale accommodations, this is an excellent choice. Applicants should be aware of how sober living homes are structured and how independence fits into their daily lives. Sober houses for guided independent living is provided through sober living programs. However, because high-quality sober houses are still somewhat supervised, you must adhere to the sober house’s basic regulations. A halfway house is a structured, recovery-supportive, temporary living arrangement for someone stepping down from the inpatient level of care.

When a Sober Living Environment Is Right for You

That was with the help of a sober living community, not a halfway house. You may prefer to live in an environment with others working toward their recovery in an atmosphere that provides accountability. Although the costs of sober living environments vary, some individuals prefer supportive housing over the expense and restrictions of residential treatment. However, they do provide a stable, drug-free environment where people in recovery can safely transition from rehab to the outside world. Residents must adhere to house rules such as curfews, cleanliness, and drug testing.

  • There is usually some kind of in-house therapy program offered and sometimes required.
  • Transitioning from rehab to a sober living facility is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended.
  • Patrick’s experience upon first meeting those living in the halfway house was everything he was looking to avoid.
  • Because halfway houses are government-run and typically used for court-ordered stays, the living situation may be less than ideal compared to sober living facilities where residents pay rent.

For example, you will generally rent on a month-to-month basis for an indefinite amount of time and be required to give a 30-day notice if you plan to vacate the premises. Some halfway houses have life skills training provided by social workers and other behavioral health staff. Your success in sober living depends on a combination of factors. The first step is to choose the best rehabilitation program available. No matter which substance you use or how severe your addiction is, we can help.

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